Barcelona News: About manager and Barcelona Squad

Barcelona Squad – Barcelona manager Luis Enrique, decided to keep quiet about his future career plans.

Enrique contract will expire at the end of June and he has yet to open negotiations with the club, as well as fishing speculation that he will leave the Camp Nou.

barcelona-squadPrior to his team’s 1-1 draw against Real Betis last night, the Spanish manager said in Marca: “My future? I do not know.”

“For all that is related to my future, I do not even know what will happen next week, let alone imagine what will happen in the next season.”

“My contract is now very exceptional, I guess I very much appreciated here.”

Barcelona currently sit in second place La Liga standings, separated four points of Real Madrid.

Ivan Rakitic insisted that it was impossible he could replace Xavi in Barcelona and insisted that he did not want to do it, because he wants to play with carries its own identity.

Rakitic recruited Barcelona in 2014, and a year later, the captain, Xavi, decided to go from Catalan, ending 18 years of his career in the Spanish team.

With the departure of Xavi, Rakitic and then get a larger responsibility to play a role in midfield, where the figure of 28-year-old has already played 15 times in La Liga and scored two goals.

But when asked about how it feels to be a substitute for Xavi, Rakitic said in Sport: “The first point, replacing Xavi? Nothing like that.”

“Secondly, I do not like to be compared with anyone, I want to be myself and give what I can to the team. I can not dribble like Leo, scoring as Luis, and feed such as Andres. I do not always focus like Pique, but I guess I got my own qualities. ”

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Barcelona itself has just earned a 1-1 draw against Real Betis in La Liga matches last night.


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