Manchester United Antoine Griezmann performance Sanjung eyes

Antoine GreizmannThe Manchester United Star, Juan Mata, give compliments on Antoine Griezmann top performance last week.

France players that’s often associated with rumors to Manchester United in the summer, despite repeatedly stating happy in Spain.

And in writing on the blog not so long ago, talking about some of the exciting matches that took place in La Liga last week. Real Madrid’s 2-1 win over Real Betis, while FC Barcelona lost to Deportivo La Coruna with the same score.

Griezmann made a single goal when Atletico Madrid win over Granada. France striker, along with Sergio Ramos, who scored decisive victories Real, then got the praise from the eye.

“Real Madrid beat Betis in the Bernabeu 2-1, with one more on top of Sergio Ramos. His ability to score (usually an important goal) as a defender it is remarkable, “wrote the eye.

“He is one of the best defender in the history of Spain, no doubt, and is also a person and a good teammate.”

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“While Sevilla, still struggling to win the League, only able to draw against Leganes, and Atletico won with goals from Griezmann. Everything is still open. ”

Manchester United can expect intense competition from other clubs, if they did want to recruit Antoine Griezmann in summer, according to Guillem Balague.

United are keen to bring Griezmann, who is now regarded as one of the sharpest strikers in Europe, after spending some time together with Atletico Madrid.

Red Devils reportedly ready to redeem the player clause worth 86 million pounds in the summer. Nevertheless, Balague claimed that he certainly would not have landed at Old Trafford.

“If you think Manchester United are the only team that was interested in her, then you are mistaken. For players like that, if he indeed can be bought, then there will be a very tight competition, “Balague said, according to Sky Sports.

“What Manchester United want it? No doubt about it and she thought they did so. In summer, the agent informed him that there is an offer from Manchester United and City-he said no. ”

“But his future is not tied with Simeone. Everyone says he’s not taking decisions related his future, but going to the Premier League is definitely something I want to do it. “

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