Mourinho Affirms Sales ‘Players mushy’ Kevin De Bruyne It Right

The decision to sell Kevin De Bruyne as a step towards Wolfsburg deemed appropriate by Jose Mourinho. The coach mentioned that De Bruyne always crying every day to leave, as reported by Goal.

chelseaSince leave Stamford Bridge in January 2014 and then, players from Belgium have successfully established himself as a quality player. Then this summer, Manchester City is known is striving to anchor De Bruyne to the Etihad Stadium.

“Regarding the sale of De Bruyne, if you have a player who is always crying every day to be allowed to go, we have to make a decision. At that time, Chelsea managed to make the best decision. ”

The Portuguese coach insists his opinion, stating that De Bruyne will not be able to evolve as it is today when he was forced to stay at Stamford Bridge.

“If De Bruyne to stay here, he was unhappy and had no motivation at all, then there would be no point to keep a player like that,” said Mourinho.

Jose Mourinho also believes that the decision to release De Bruyne to Wolfsburg this is the best, as the emergence of Eden Hazard have also been successfully grown in the three years of togetherness with Chelsea.

“When everyone is now blaming me for the sale of De Bruyne, then Eden Hazard who currently has a value in excess of 100 million pounds was also my fault.”


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